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Questions are the doorway to living with purpose. 


Whether you are looking to reimagine your future, or simply reignite your passion for the life you currently have, I’d like to welcome you to a space where all inquiry is valued. 

Questions Sunrise in a glass sphere


LIVING WITH THE QUESTIONS is about creating a connection with your Authentic Self by asking deeper questions—ones with the power to inspire, reveal, and transform.  


Let me be honest with you:

I’m still searching for my LIFE PURPOSE


But I’m taking the journey one SMALL STEP at a time, focusing on how to show up in the present moment, listen to what’s calling me, and open my heart to the wisdom of not knowing.

I’d like to invite you to join me each week for a few moments of quiet contemplation.  No pressure.  No struggle.  Just the willingness to be open to the magic of life-changing questions, while trusting that you already have the answers you seek.

Above all, I hope you’ll respect this community as a group of like-minded human beings searching for connection despite taking wildly different paths.  

Your truths may not come quickly or easily, but that isn’t necessary.  Or even the point.  What matters is surrendering the need to have someone or something else controlling your direction.

Our time here is focused on recognizing that our answers lie within, and that discovering them requires living with the questions.


Getting Started


Each week I introduce a new question for contemplation, inspiration, and a call to action. To learn more about the process, check out my series of Introductory Posts:


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