What’s the Purpose of This Blog?


The idea for my blog started as a way to break through the clouds of uncertainty hanging over my life.  I struggled with doubts and a lack of direction, and I couldn’t shake an undefinable longing for “something more.”  

I wanted to connect with my values, not just as words on paper, but rather as qualities that I could live and embody in each moment.  Experiencing people, places, and activities that brought me joy suddenly became more important than following a prescribed path through adulthood.  

I dreamed of feeling vibrantly alive, embracing the day’s possibilities, even if that meant not having all the answers.  I’m still working my way through countless questions, but I like to think that just by asking them, I’m moving my life in the right direction.  By publishing my process here, I hope to discover I’m not the only person opening themselves up to an authentic life.  


So What About You?

Have you ever been inspired to consider your life with clarity or a fresh perspective? 

victoria station busy people   

It can be daunting to pause from a busy life (and who isn’t busy these days) in order to take a good look at where you are.  We’re so used to racing towards the finish line of our days, to-do lists, and obligations, that often we forget to ask whether we’re happy with our direction.  

What if you’re not satisfied with where you’re at? 

Or where you’re heading?  Do you know where you’d rather be?  Or do all the paths before you tangle into a jumbled mess?    

The purpose of this blog is to get you thinking about what you want and what matters to you.  By asking questions, and providing the space to hold them, you can find what works best for you.  It won’t be a quick process…rather it’s a life-long journey.  So we can lean on each other during those times when we’re still waiting on our answers.


Not Just Me…It’s All of Us.

This blog isn’t meant to be just about my journey.  My hope is that it also offers you a way to discover new possibilities.  We have the opportunity to create a community of seekers, people who are willing to explore and discuss the deeper questions of life that are often brushed aside.  

It’s not easy for me to share my innermost feelings, doubts, or fears.  Yet during those times when I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable with others, I have felt transformed through their compassion and kindness.  I’d like to offer that experience to everyone reading…because I think we all tend to conceal our insecurities behind a facade of shaky confidence.  


What’s the Big Deal About Questions?

Pause a moment and consider the following two sentences, saying them aloud if it’s convenient:  

I’m going to the beach for my next vacation.

Where would I like to spend my next vacation?


Even if there’s nothing you’d like better than to spend your free time at the beach, doesn’t the question make you breathe a little deeper?  Why is that?


Questions open up space in our minds. 

Starting from a place of uncertainty is freeing because we don’t have to defend a position.  We can try things on and let them go more easily if the fit isn’t quite right.  Even if a week at the beach sounds like heaven, by asking the question you might find some unexpected answers bubbling up.


Questions also offer connection to the people around us. 

We’re each gifted with a unique journey, as no two lives follow the same path.  But when you think about it, we’re often asking ourselves very similar questions.  While this is especially true for those deep musings of the spirit, even casual questions can change lives too.  Sharing a vacation inquiry with your community might lead you to a new destination or a great traveling companion.


Finally, questions allow for creativity, reflection, and a connection to our heart’s desires. 

How do you picture your ideal vacation destination?  Maybe you imagine a tropical drink, a good book you haven’t had time to read, and the sound of water soothing all your stress away.  A sunny beach could certainly fulfill those needs, but so might the deck of a cruise ship or the shores of a pristine lake.   You don’t need to rush towards an answer…often there’s magic in the waiting.  

beach beverage Caribbean cocktail


What can silent pauses and micro-actions do for your life?

Taking a few moments of stillness after asking a question helps to weed out knee-jerk responses.  You know, the answers you always have ready— scripted and polished.  The things you think you’re supposed to want.  Pausing after a question enables you to release expectations, allowing those pesky “shoulds” to release their hold over your life.  Most importantly, a little silence can give your source (however you choose to define it—your Soul, your spiritual practice, your Highest Self) the chance to be heard. 

Micro-actions are things we’ll consider afterwards…once you’ve given some time for the questions to work their magic.  Whether the answer that arises strikes you with the certainty of an arrow, or just leaves you with a vague sense of its presence, finding a SMALL STEP to test it out is key.  

Micro-actions aren’t as intimidating as huge declarations.  Imagining yourself leaving the bustle of city life to move to a rural community would be a huge, scary leap.  Choosing to step off the crowded sidewalk during your lunch break to walk barefoot on the grass is a tiny step—yet because it doesn’t threaten total life-upheaval, it’s completely doable.

The amazing thing about micro-actions, though, is that they allow you to keep re-evaluating where you’re at and how it feels.  Yes, it means you must keep asking questions!  By subtly shifting course with each tiny step, you can experiment with new directions without going too far down a path that doesn’t feel right for you.


What Questions Have Made a Difference in Your Life?

I’ve got lists and lists of questions, and can’t wait to share them.  Each week I’ll encourage you to take some time to consider each one in your life.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s applicable for you, try it on and see what arises from the silence.  

There are a just few more introductory posts to get you comfortable with this process, and then we’ll dive right in.  In the meantime, I’d love to know if any of you have experienced questions that changed your life or opened your eyes to a new way of looking at the world.  Feel free to share below, and perhaps we’ll explore them together in a future post.  

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